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School of Economics Conducted a Fire Drill
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School of Economics Conducted a Fire Drill

To improve the awareness of fire safety and the ability of self-rescue and self-protection of students in the School of Economics, the School of Economics invited the Security Department to conduct a fire safety emergency drill in the basketball court of Building 22 on the afternoon of December 5. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, Yuan Cuiping, and counselor Xieer Aili participated in the activity. Teacher Yu Dongdong from the Fire Protection Department explained the activity.

The whole activity was carried out by the safety management concept of prevention-oriented and combined with fire prevention, and was divided into three parts: pre-publicity, knowledge explanation, and firefighting practice. In the preliminary publicity, the Department of Discipline and Security released the information about the exercise in the notification group through each class, supplemented by posters and put performance points to encourage students to actively participate.

Before the fire drill started, the discipline and security department first arranged each class's position and maintained the scene's order, so that the whole scene was in order. At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Yu from the Security Department first explained the basic fire safety knowledge, including the causes of fire, how to prevent fire, the basic knowledge of fire escape, the correct use of fire extinguishers, and how to call the police correctly, so that the students have a clear understanding of fire and firefighting at the theoretical level. At the same time, this activity also added a knowledge quiz session, which can help students review the finished firefighting knowledge and enhance the activity's fun and interactivity. After the theoretical knowledge, the activity of using a fire extinguisher was carried out. After the demonstration by Mr. Yu and other professionals of our school, the students lined up to receive fire extinguishers in turn and operated them. To let the students firmly grasp the necessary skills of using fire extinguishers, a question-and-answer session was designed after the exercise, in which the students spoke enthusiastically and raised any questions in their minds to deepen their understanding of firefighting knowledge.

Hidden dangers are more dangerous than open fires, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than a mountain. With the theme of firefighting, this activity is of great practical significance in strengthening students' awareness of firefighting, mastering the necessary fire safety skills, popularizing firefighting knowledge, and improving students' self-protection and rescue ability, as well as having a great effect on the promotion of campus safety construction.

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