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SOE held a special activity of National Day "Salute to the National Flag".
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SOE held a special activity of National Day Salute to the National Flag.

In order to welcome the victory of the 20th Party Congress, inspire students' patriotic enthusiasm and create a harmonious atmosphere to welcome the National Day, the Party Committee of the College of Economics held a special activity of Welcome the 20th Congress and Salute the National Flag. Yuan Cuiping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Wu Peiqin, Xieer Aili, counselors and representatives of student party members participated in the event to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of New China. 

Dedicate the National Day with a song, and pay tribute to China with red-hot enthusiasm. In the chorus session, party comrades Guo Mengyao, Zhang Guofeng, Wang Qianwen and Zhang Weizhen brought the song Country, and all teachers and students sang the song My Motherland and I to offer the most sincere blessings to Motherland. The red flag fluttered and the song was loud and clear. The touching lyrics told the hundred years of the Party's great achievements and the fiery Chinese heart beat with the melody of praise to the motherland.

Praise the motherland with words and dedicate your youth to it. Among the countless blue eyes and brown eyes, I have a pair of jewel-like black eyes. I am proud that I am Chinese! The representative of the postgraduate party members brought poetry recitation I Love You, Motherland I am proud that I am Chinese, the recitation was resounding word by word, with the rhythms and words of excitement into the blood of every party member present, as if it had the power to cross time and space.

This activity is not only a spiritual baptism, but also an incentive and spur to be a firm patriot. The youth should better transform their patriotic feelings into patriotic actions, keep their original hearts, take up their missions, and take the initiative and make new achievements in the new journey to help realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 


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