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School of Economics held a symposium on Teachers' Day
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School of Economics held a symposium on Teachers' Day

On the occasion of the 38th Teachers' Day, in the afternoon of September 8, the School of Economics held a symposium on Teachers' Day with the theme of Welcoming the 20th National Congress and Casting the Spirit of Teachers. The leadership team of the college, representatives of old leaders, outstanding teachers and new young teachers gathered together to talk about development.

The symposium kicked off with the dedication of Teachers' Day, and the economists wished the teachers happy holidays in the form of poem reciting Ode to the Teacher's Grace, thanked them for their hard work, and wished them all the best.

President Zhang Liguo gave a speech to all the faculty members to extend his holiday blessings and heartfelt thanks. He pointed out that the development and growth of the college in the past 40 years is the result of the leaders and staff of the college forging ahead and overcoming difficulties, and the staff should continue to carry forward the style of work and take up the new challenges with practical work. He put forward three hopes to the teachers: first, to continue to make efforts, keep pace with the times, further manifest the responsibility to carry out the mission of nurturing people for the Party and the country; second, to strengthen learning, build an enterprising college, turn pressure into motivation, follow the trend, ride on the momentum, and strengthen the construction of the college in all aspects; third, pay attention to the construction of teacher morality, further strengthen the ideals and beliefs, cultivate patriotic sentiments, and cultivate noble teacher morality.

At the symposium, teachers spoke freely, sharing their experiences and problems and difficulties encountered in teaching, scientific research and personal growth, and put forward their opinions and suggestions for the development of the college. The new young teachers shared their induction experience and expressed their determination to contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of education and teaching work and the college.

At the symposium, President Zhang Liguo and Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Zou Chunfa presented flowers and souvenirs to outstanding teachers' representatives and new teachers respectively. Ms. Wan Jingyi performed Erhu Horse Racing and Ms. Zhan Jia sang the song Devotion, which created a harmonious and cheerful festival atmosphere while showing the style of teachers in the new era.

In his concluding speech, Zou Chunfa encouraged everyone to keep their virtue, constantly strengthen their political leadership, enhance their moral cultivation, and devote themselves to teaching and research; to be courageous, pioneering and innovative, dedicated to their studies and caring for students, and adhere to the fundamental task of establishing moral education; to make their own development plans, and to create a new situation for the development of the college with a high sense of identity, responsibility, sense of ownership and positive spirit, and to make new contributions to the cause of the college. To make a new and greater contribution to the development of the college, with excellent results to meet the victory of the 20th Party Congress. The college will also strive to create a good atmosphere, and actively create a good comfortable and harmonious working environment to enhance the happiness of teachers.

The teachers have expressed that they deeply feel the concern and high expectation of the college for the growth of young teachers, and will live up to the expectations of the college, work actively, interpret their responsibilities with actions, and welcome the victory of the 20th Party Congress with practical actions.(翻译/卢阳)



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