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The 12th "Bi-week Academic Lecture" of our school in 2018 was successfully held
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On the afternoon of November 21st , the 12th Bi-week Academic Lecture of our school in 2018 was successfully held in the first conference room of the School of Economics.

Associate Professor Feng Fuyu 's paper titled " Asymmetric Impact of Income Uncertainty on Urban Residents' Consumption Rate", based on China's 1999-2016 provincial panel data, uses expectation theory to examine income uncertainty for urban residents Consumption rate impact. The results show that: ( 1 ) The uncertainty of income has a significant impact on the consumption rate of urban residents, and the impact is related to the expectations of urban residents. 2 ) The uncertainty of income has an asymmetric characteristics on the consumption rate of urban residents. That is to say, for the same degree of income uncertainty, the increase in the good year consumption rate cannot offset the decline in the bad year consumption rate. 3 ) China's urban residents' consumption behavior has significant regional characteristics. For the residents of the eastern, northeastern and central regions of China, the consumption behavior of urban residents in these areas is in line with the prospective theoretical characteristics, while the urban residents' consumption behavior in western China does not have the prospective theoretical characteristics.

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