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The 13th "Bi-week Academic Lecture" of our school in 2018 was successfully held
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On the afternoon of November 21st , the 13th Bi-week Academic Lecture of our school in 2018 was successfully held in the first conference room of the School of Economics.

Professor Luo Xiongfei's paper is Marx's Transcendence of Classical Labor Theory of Value which states that although Capitalism inherits certain scientific components of classical labor theory of value, such as humanistic ideas and profits, the thought based on Hegel's Logic and Mental Phenomenology is the main source of thought. Its whole terminology system, such as labor, is completely different from the terminology of classical economics. The meaning of these terms cannot be understood by classical labor theory of value; it is based on the general form of capitalist commodity as a logical starting point, and its meaning and classical The theory of labor value has completely different theoretical significance from the logical starting point of the division of labor between fishermen and hunters; the way to grasp the object of study is based on dialectical logic, starting from a specific object and obtaining general rules by dissecting typical individual like stripping bamboo shoots. Going back, from the abstraction to the concrete reproduction of the typical individual concrete, this is the unity of the two thinking journeys, from individual rise to general, and then from the general essence of the regulations to a typical individual rich organic whole, This is completely different from the classical labor theory of value based on formal logic and metaphysical grasp of the research object. These differences contain the opposition between value positions and theoretical tasks. Therefore, Marx's labor theory of value is not only completely different from classical labor theory of value, but also regards classical labor theory of value as its own critical object, and realizes transcendence through criticism.

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